The world famous graphite specialist – GES Global Group has intensified its emphasis on the European Market after its huge success in North America, South America, China, Australia and Middle East Market.

GES Europe GmbH is seated in Aschaffenburg, Germany, the center of the European Continent, to provide better service and on-time response to current and potential customers.

GES Global Group

Together with its partners overseas, GES Europe has established a worldwide network. The global view ensures that each member of the GES group buys from the most cost-efficient producers around the world. The global presence enables GES as one of the first companies to sense world-wide trends andlets GES stay on top of technological developments.      

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Why do the industry-leading graphite companies choose us as a preferred partner?

GES Group could gain an outstanding reputation through its devotion to stable and long-term oriented relationships. Through our passion for the business, we could become a proud member of the network of world famous carbon and graphite producers. Our goal is to pass on to you this advantage and build with you a trustworthy and long-lasting business relationship.”

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