Graphite electrodes

Graphite Electrodes


Graphite electrodes are used in the recycling of steel. By creating an arc, graphite electrodes can generate the heat needed to melt and / or process various materials in electric arc furnaces (EAF)

GES Europe offers its graphite electrodes in 3 proven qualities and in different sizes, in order to optimally respond to different requirements of its customers. GES is not just another supplier of graphite electrodes. Discover the various Value Added Services that you as a GES-customer are entitled to Services.


Nipples for graphite electrodes

GES Europe offers 3 TPI, 4 TPI, and Male/Female connections. As part of our assortment of graphite products, we deliver graphite nipples with each electrode based on customer requirements. All nipples are certified by our technical team responsible for the examination of our graphite products. Additional nipples are available upon request. We guarantee all nipples meet industry specifications and will meet customers' expectations.

GES Europe connecting nipple Sizes:
Nippel Größe

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Quality Guarantee for graphite electrodes

We with GES have confidence in our products, and you should too! We understand the importance of choosing the right product, for the right application, and we want to empower you to make a confident buying decision.
GES QUALITY GUARANTEE: our electrodes are at least as good as your current supplier’s. If you can deliver evidence that our electrode consumption is higher than that of your current vendor, a) we will provide you with a free replacement of higher quality or alternatively, b) we will reimburse you the cost of the extra consumption.

For more information about the terms and conditions of our quality guarantee, please contact our quality assurance (QA) at