That's why we are stable - even in times of market turmoil

GES is a worldwide partner network with partners right at the origin of graphite products. Geographic proximity allows us to directly influence the business policies of graphite producers. The GES Group negotiates exclusive contracts and thus has priority in the supply of graphite materials. Our customers in Europe benefit because we can guarantee an above-average level of delivery readiness.

Strengths of the GES graphite network

High delivery readiness level: one for all, all for one

Through global networking, every GES member can access the inventory of all members. Short-term delivery capacity can thus be increased. We also have stable partnerships with manufacturers and an excellent reputation; not least because of the high purchasing volumes. Graphite suppliers grant GES exclusive rights and conditions. In this way, GES secures a competitive advantage that it can pass on to end users, e.g. in Europe.

Control and verification of our suppliers

We maintain excellent relationships with the most reliable manufacturers of graphite and its raw materials. GES employees regularly carry out unannounced inspections on the factory premises of the producers. This is mainly due to the geographic proximity of the GES members to the largest producers worldwide. The results of the controls are used by GES to establish an internal rating and ranking of suppliers that is subject to strict criteria. Above all, the state of raw materials and the production process (kneading, firing, impregnation and graphitization) are evaluated. Soft factors, such as the functioning of the management and the exchange of information with GES are also examined. Suppliers with a negative rating are excluded from further deliveries. In this way, GES ensures that only qualified and reputable producers remain in the supply chain.

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