This Is Why you'll receive stable quality

GES Quality Control and Assurance - 365 Days a Year!

GES Quality Control

The GES Quality check is an in-house quality check performed by our partner GES Asia Pacific, Ltd. whose premises are located right in the capital of graphite products.

The GES QA process consists of 4 parts: the macro check that takes about 3 hours, the micro check, good’s approval and packing/stocking. 

For you this means that you will receive a stable and consistent quality of graphite products. The blocks, rods and electrodes in your warehouse have all the same density – the most important property of graphite products. 


GES Quality Assurance

For each single graphite electrode or fine grain graphite products, you will get our inspection report, in which the data is presented on a comprehensive list of 5 crucial technical parameters such as bulk density, weight and electrical resistivity. Clearly laid out in table format. 

As a GES Customer YOU WILL GET BACK 100 % OF YOUR MONEY if we fail to deliver the material with properties as stated in our report.

That means that you are 100% under protection and we are 100% confident about our stable quality.

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You might be used to long waiting times of several days by other graphite suppliers. Or you might have been disappointed by a bad or snobbish attitude in the past. Feeling like you are just a number, not a valued customer. GES is different. We see our customers as partners and not as mere numbers on a spreadsheet. With GES you’ll get only personal and immediate service. We will assign not one but two graphite experts for you to contact. 

You will always get a timely response from your direct contact person between 8:00 and 18:00 on working days by telephone. You will have email support daily and 24/7. 

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