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- Outsource time consuming jobs & free up capacities -

Are you searching for a cost-effective solution for time-intensive work such as cutting blocks into plates? 

Or maybe you currently don’t have the machining capacity to do this by yourself?

In any case, we provide you with semi-machining and refining services such as surface peeling and customized size cutting for specialty graphite products and electrodes.

To meet customer requirements, we process graphite products in OUR OWN well-equipped graphite workshops all. Thanks to these facilities, we can offer dimensioning to suit your specific requirements. 

Popular semi-finished products include:
● Customized graphite rods,
● Customized graphite rounds,
● Customized graphite blocks
● Customized graphite plates
● Electrodes starting bars.
● Tubes

With our advantages on raw material purchasing volumes and a full set of efficient graphite machining equipment and CNC machines, we serve our customers with tailor-made graphite products to cut your costs and free up machining capacity.


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