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GES Group

The GES Group can look back on an existence since 1958 trading globally with a diversified range of carbon and graphite products.

GES Europe is set up to aim at providing graphite users in Europe, Africa and the Middle East region with high-quality graphite.

Stability and consistency is our priority. Even in times of market turmoils, GES Group members have proven themselves to be stable and reputable suppliers.

GES group accomplishes these goals through 8 warehouses and 3 advanced machine shops on 5 continents.

GES group members are specially trained to handle even sensitive market fluctuations. 

Also as one of the biggest player globally, the GES Group has achieved an excellent reputation among the major graphite manufacturers.The producers grant exclusive rights and conditions to GES. In this way, GES secures a competitive advantage that it can pass on to its customers.


GES Team 

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GES Quality Promise

Discover why you'll receive graphite with a stable consumption rate 365 days a year - or your money back

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Reliable Supply - 365 days a year

Reliable ability to supply. Through global networking, every GES member can access the inventory of all members. That is the principle of "One for all, all for one."